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US M-65 jacket (original)

Originally designed for the U.S. military, the M-65 jacket has now become a "men's classic."

The M-65 jacket is comfortable, durable and functional.

This original M-65 jacket dates from the 80s.

Made in USA

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  • a "NYCO" fabric, a novelty exclusive to the army at the time, nylon-cotton mixture designed to withstand wind and rain,

  • an internal bending cord,

  • from the buttoning legs to the shoulders, because a soldier always needs an additional attachment point for the many objects he carries,

  • four flap pockets with snap buttons, faster and easier to use than the classic buttons of an M51,

  • triangular extensions arranged inside the sleeves (thanks to a velcro system), to cover the hands in case of wind. Practical in certain specific situations, they still had some disadvantages on a daily basis: it was very complicated to wear the jacket with the sleeves rolled up, and the feeling caused by these flaps was quite unpleasant around the wrist,

  • a straight collar to protect the neck and store a folding hood inside.

  • Delivered without the removable lining.

Size guide:

Small Regular: NATO 7080/8494

Medium Regular: NATO 7080/9404

Large Regular: NATO 7080/0414

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