Jersey Sweater National Marine Officer (Merino wool)

Jersey sweater Type National Marine Officer

The marriage of Merino wool and Dralon® acrylic brings: softness and robustness, delicacy and durability

Oeko-Tex® 100* certification

100% European manufacturing*

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Reinforcements on the shoulders, inserts on the elbows and pen pocket on the arm.

Composition: 50% merino wool / 50% acrylic Dralon®

100% European manufacturing:
Design (France)
Merino wool (Italy)
Acrylic Dralon® (Germany)
Manufacturing (Portugal)

Dralon® is the name of the acrylic fiber created in 1954 in Germany by Bayer in the Domagen plant and produced since 1983 also in Lingen. In 2001, the brand became a company in its own right: Dralon GmbH was born, a world leader in the field of acrylic fibers for knitwear: synonymous with inalterability, reliability, high performance.

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