Tech+ 200 Eminence® Shirt

This shirt originally developed for the French Army will effectively protect you from the harsh cold of winter.

Merino wool combined with synthetic fibers ensures exceptional thermal insulation capacity and long service life.
It keeps the heat and returns it to the body according to the needs while evacuating the perspiration.

Density: 200g/m²

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The sleeve cuffs are longer with a hole to pass the thumb

The Superwash treatment allows machine washable.

The use of flat seams reduces discomfort when wearing.

THERMAL INSULATION Knitted curls on the inner surface of clothing form an insulating layer on the skin retaining up to 80% air. This thermal insulation capacity keeps the heat and stays dry in all circumstances. For better comfort, Eminence TECH+ underwear can be worn on the skin.

Composition: 60% Merino wool, 25% polyester and 15% polyamide.

Density: 200g/m²

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