Marinière/ RussianTELNYASHKA® (red)

Authentic Russian Telnyashka: timeless, comfortable and casual.

Traditionally made of natural cotton (unbleached), knitted on a 2-needle machine which gives it comfort, elasticity, and resistance to keep it for many years.

Perfect for the seaside or the half-season with its long sleeves and thickness (241 gr/m2).

By buying an authentic TELNYASHKA®, we guarantee you a comfortable and durable quality product.


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Red/ecru color

Size: unisex

100% cotton, 241gr/m2

The Russian telnyashka is an undergarment with white horizontal stripes and various colors that can be sleeveless. It is an iconic garment worn by the Russian Navy, Airborne Troops, Marine Infantry and Special Forces.

The Russian telnyashka originates from the striped sailor worn by merchant seamen and fishermen of Brittany, who adopted this style to distinguish it from other nationalities.

The fashion was later adopted and popularized by the French Navy and other navies. Sailors in the modern French navy still wear these clothes in some outfits.

The Imperial Russian Navy adopted the blue and white striped telnyashka in the 19th century. The tradition of Russian or Soviet ground troops wearing navy uniforms comes from Soviet Navy sailors who fought as coastal units during World War II.

This is the case of the famous Soviet sniper Vasily Zaitsev, a small officer in the Soviet Pacific Fleet who volunteered to serve in the army, but refused to give up his telnyashka because of the pride it engendered.

Size guide:

XS: 48

S: 50

M: 52

W: 54

XL: 56

XXL : 58

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