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Glasses Aviator Goggle Mod.4602 (brown/chrome)

Protective glasses Mod.4602 Retro for car or motorcycle Vintage/Retro.

Manufactured in France in the Jura by the company Léon Jeantet since 1880.

The Aviator Google 4602 glasses of the Retro series have a wide field of view.

The 15mm elastic is adjustable and is worn over the motorcycle helmet.

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Each pair of glasses in the Retro series comes in a box.

The glasses are mounted original with colorless polycarbonate eyepieces,

and in addition:

- two pairs of acetate eyepieces: one in yellow and one in smoke,

- a storage pouch,

- the guarantee certificate,

- a photocopy of the certificate of registration of the Aviator Goggle trade mark,

- an explanatory note concerning the dismantling and reassembly of the eyepieces.

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