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Glasses Aviator Goggle Mod.4182 T2 (black, gun, colorless)

Protective glasses wide field of view for car or vintage motorcycle.

Manufactured in France in the Jura by the company Léon Jeantet since 1880.

The 4182 model. T2 is compatible with wearing a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses.

The 30mm wide elastic is adjustable and is worn over the motorcycle helmet.

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- Black plastic frame –

- Bead: foam interior, black goat leather exterior

- Elastic 30mm adjustable with flow and clasp –

- Anti-scratch polycarbonate eyepieces (optional anti-fog)

- Eyepieces available: Colorless, yellow, smoked gray, smoked brown, silver mirror, mirror-blue and colorless anti-fog (compliant with CE standards driving car and motorcycle PR in 1938

- Special micro-fiber case, eyepiece cleaner.

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