Survival flint "The Modern Camper"

  • SIMPLE & EASY: Light 10,000 fires in any weather with its quality ferrocerium alloy rod.
  • COMPACT & STURDY: It offers an excellent grip thanks to its handmade raw wood handle.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION: Precision measurement, grater, bottle opener/bottle opener, explore with confidence.
  • VERSATILE: Wear it around your neck. Effective in all weather and altimetry conditions.
  • ADVENTURE READY: Ensures high-quality materials for a long life.

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The modern camper makes for you the essential, vital equipment during your expeditions in the middle of nature.
Our outdoor equipment is the combination of performance and ease of use, don't bother you anymore, take only what you need and improve your skills in terms of
Keep this vital energy close to you every day, which will allow you to emit sparks at very high temperatures without difficulty and will keep you warm, safe and sound.
With on one side its handmade raw wood handle, of a good size that ensures a firm and comfortable grip, and its durable and corrosion-resistant ferrocerium upper, this fire starter from The Modern Camper is the result of an alloy between two high-quality materials. The rope is a length suitable for wearing around the neck, so there is no risk of losing it, your favorite asset anywhere and at any time.
The multi-purpose scraper is equipped with a grater, bottle opener and ruler.
The thickness of the strap chosen by us forms a solid and robust body that will be useful in case of extreme emergency.
The essential tool for all your trips in the forest or in the mountains, hiking, getaways, camping, hunting or fishing trips and other road trips off the beaten track.
Learn, pass on the values of a camp, the rules of survival to your scout troops. Imagine yourself preparing great hot meals, while telling yourself stories around a nice comforting fire.
A break, an invigorating hot tea will accompany you in the admiration of its breathtaking landscapes.
Do you want to roast marshmallows by its colorful flames? Or why not consider a barbecue and share this moment with your loved ones, it will be useful in many situations.
With confidence, you'll be able to start a fire in a flash, rain or snow.

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