Imperial A.Godillot Beef Foot Oil

Real beef foot oil: 100% pure and natural

Made in France

Oil to soften, nourish and waterproof thick or very dry leathers.

Perfect for maintaining shoes, boots, saddle, bridles, leather bag...


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Real ox foot oil, 100% PURE.

Made in the old year with cooking of beef feet and oil recovery.
This oil freezes at low temperatures, which guarantees its purity.

The ancients used only this product to soften and nourish the leathers.
Attention this product is very powerful and of a great acidity.
To be used on very dry leathers or alternately with Imperial A.Godillot grease.


Beware of the names "beef foot type" or "beef foot quality" which are in fact only vegetable oils (read the composition on the label), or oils with a low proportion of beef foot cut with vegetable or mineral oils; or animal oils from other sources than ox foot. Hence their low price.
No French or European legislation prohibits the resale of this type of product.

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